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Are you...

  • Bending over backwards to develop staff harmony?
  • Disappointed with parent commitment to your school programs?
  • Hampered by staff members who lack essential knowledge of Montessori principles?
  • Vexed by children's disruptive behaviors?
  • Frustrated trying to communicate with parents and staff members?
  • Irritated by parent's lack of involvement in their children's education?

If you feel like you are putting out fires all the time, then it is time to stop and learn about the five most important questions you'll ever ask about your school. 

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In this free 4-part training session, you'll gain:

  • Clarity about vital issues facing school leaders and managers.
  • Why ignoring these issues creates a downward spiral for your school and your leadership skills.
  • Insight about your six constituencies.
  • Awareness of how leadership mentoring can help you create the community of your dreams.

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Your four sessions will roll out over the next ten days. 

Each session is less than 20 minutes in length. 

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